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How does Småland taste?

The forest, lakes and hilly surroundings. 

Traditional processes meet the vision of creating new and unique tastes. 


Your Tasting

For two hours we will botanize together, taking a walk through the forests of Småland and creating a true understanding of our terroir.

We will talk about the people behind the labels and the places where they live and produce their fantastic libations. 


To truly understand each drink we will learn about how they are made and what tastes might be hiding behind the curtain.


We have paired nibbles that refelct our regions food history with each drink to better understand them and how they evolve with other flavours.


Tasting for 1 person: 495 SEK

(tasting is alcohol free)

Our Place

Not only can you experience unique drinks from the region but you get to step into the private residence of the CEOs to the world-renowned Husqvarna brand.


A beautiful home that has since been converted to a botique hotel. Just like our drinks, tradition is paired with modernity.

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Your Host

Michaela Ullmark is the owner of Hotel Slottsvillan and has long worked with drinks of all kinds.


From Absolut Vodka in the south of Sweden to Jacob's Creek in South Australia, now she is digging where she stands. Småland / Small Land

Our Philosophy

We have scoured all of Småland and found our most unique and favorite drinks from the region that everyone can get a hold of. ​

We raise each taste profile by combining them with food grown from the same terroir.

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