We do not have a restaurant in the traditional sense, but we offer in-house dining prepared with love using seasonal ingredients and served in the elegant dining hall. You can think of it as being invited to a good friend for dinner.


We are open for breakfast and dinner but only serve lunch at special events and conferences. Read more below.



Breakfast is free for all hotel guests. We serve up a cold breakfast buffet with home baked bread, sliced meat and cheese, boiled eggs, fresh fruit, Greek yoghurt, home-made gluten-free granola, cereal and more.


If you would like to come from breakfast but are not staying at the hotel, you are more than welcome. We just need to know in advance. The price for non-hotel guests is 145kr.

Breakfast hours:

monday - friday 07:00 - 09:30
saturday - sunday 08:00 - 10:30


The dinner menu changes daily as we work with seasonal ingredients. We are happy to make something light and simple or create a 3 course fine-dining experience. We always have vegetarian options and can accommodate allergies, but please let us know in advance.


Hotel guests do not need to book tables. If you are not a guest at the hotel but would like to visit for dinner please get in touch to book a table in advance: or +46 036142090


Book a table:

Monday - simple bar menu 18:00-20:00*

Tuesday - Saturday 18:00-20:00*

Sunday - closed

* You may book a table between 18:00 and 20:00. The restaurant is open until 22:00

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We serve a range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Many are sourced from local producers including for example Vistakulle Cider and Vista Härads Apel. We also have a wide variety of Whiskey, Conjac, Rom and Michaela, owner and sommelier will gladly help you pick the perfect wine.

Staff is on hand to serve drinks from 15:00 onwards in our salon, biljard room, in the privacy of your hotel room or, weather permitting, on one of our balconies or the table in the park.


After the successful launch of Omakase at Slottsvillan we are once again collaborating with chef Petter Viding to offer you a unique culinary experience that is perfect for foodies and wine lovers. 

 The dinner is composed of 12 dishes that take the best local ingredients and traditions from Småland which are paired with fantastic wines and drinks from around the world.

It is what a 'roaming' dinner in that it is served in 5 different parts of the hotel, telling the story of this landmarked building and the people who lived here. 


+46 (0)36142090